Annual Reports

A short account of Eastside in times past.

Eastside was formed in 1979 on the Eastern shore of Hobart. It was formed as a result of the STTTA moving from the table tennis center in Hobart to a new stadium at Kingston. This created a vacuum for table tennis in the suburbs of Hobart.

The concern over this move to Kingston by the STTTA can be seen in the words of the first Eastside annual report:

"With the STTTA decision to move to Kingston, the future of table tennis players looked grim on the Eastern Shore."

Fortunately, a dedicated and hard working group of people formed what we know as the Eastside Table Tennis League.

At its peak, Eastside had several hundred players. There were a number of prominent clubs. These clubs were big enough to have their own championships and have their own functions. This picture of Rosny's Perpetual Trophies demonstrates this.

From Rosny

The club has played in many different venues on Hobart's Eastern shore. Among those have been: Bellerive primary school, Montagu Bay primary school, Rose Bay high school, Clarence high school, and Rosny Matriculation.

Eastside has perhaps had the best social events ever for a Tasmanian club. There were 2 memorable trips to New Zealand in the 1980's.

From 1984 New Zealand trip

Almost all of the best Tasmanian players have played at Eastside. Some of the strongest ever pennant teams must have played here. 

Eastside has participated in the state league and been successful on several occasions. 

Today Eastside is located at the Clarence sports stadium, not far from the Tasman bridge. There has been a total refurbishment of the center. This has improved the playing facilities. 

Bill Atkinson has been prominent in the development of Eastside. He was president for many years, and a founder of the club.