Spring Pennant 2008

The final was played at the YMCA in Glenorchy. The teams were between the Magpies consisting of John Faulkner, Stuart McDougall and Seth Henderson.  The other team was the Falcons consisting of Ivan Bindoff, Adam Leeds and Zek Abdullah.

The moving of the final's venue from Eastside to the Glenorchy YMCA caused problems for the Falcons. Especially for one player who turned up at the wrong venue.  Even though he arrived late his worried team mates were glad he was there.

It was the quickest final I ever saw because they had to finish  the games by 9pm.  That meant they had to play on two tables and play out of turn.

The Magpies defeated Falcons 6 games to 2.  For the winners Stuart had a good night winning 3 matches. John and Seth contributed with won 1 each. And they won a doubles.  For the losers Ivan tried hard with two good wins.  The highlight of the night was Stuart beating Ivan in four sets.  

Winter Pennant 2008

The two top teams played in a action packed final. It had great shots, misses and heartbreak it had it all. The teams were between Clarence consisting of Ivan Bindoff, Aiden Cutlan and John Faulkner. The other team was Northern Suburbs. They were Daniel Huxtable, Roger Massie and Stuart McDougall.

Northern Suburbs were looking good at 5 games to 3. They needed one more victory. Then the unthinkable happened. Ivan beat Daniel in 4 close games. Northern suburbs were still looking good. It was up to Aiden who hadn't won a game all night to win for Clarence. He came good against Roger which made the score 5 all.

Now it came down to this - between John Faulkner and Stuart McDougall. John started off well by looping, attacking and serving well. Stuart didn't have any answers for the first two games. It was looking dim for Northern Suburbs. Clarence needed one more game to win the final. Stuart had nothing to lose and won the next two games. Now it was anyones. John started off well by leading 5 to 1 at the change. Then Stuart came back to 5 all. It went point to point to 8 all. Then John won the next 3 points to give Clarence the win. John was rapt. It was a close epic final. The best div 1 for awhile. 

Congratulations to Clarence. Bad luck to Northern Suburbs.

Here is an earlier match between Ivan and Stuart.

The Winter pennant was bad luck for John Lewis. He tried.

Pennant 2008

Pennant resumed at Eastside in June 2008. There was a long delay as the center was refurbished. Some players have returned to the division 1 TSP shield who have not played for some time.

It should be interesting to see how John Lewis will go this roster. He cleaned up last year with his teams. Can he do it again? Stay tuned.

Watch John in action in this video from late June 2008.

Update June 27

We have had a guest appearance from the top female player - Lydia Massie. Callan and Florian have been unbeaten to this point. Should be a big match when they play.

Northern Suburbs are top of the table. But Florian is leaving. What will happen next one wonders.