Eastside Table Tennis League Incorporated

We are an incorporated association registered by Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) under the Associations Incorporation Act 1964. More information here.

ETTL Inc. Constitution

amended 25 May 1917

By-Laws and Playing Regulations

amended January 2019

Includes matters relating to player membership requirements, competition rules and player behaviour

Rules of Table Tennis (ITTF 2017)

2019 SGM & AGM Minutes and Reports

2019 Committee

Peter Castle - President

Warren Hankey - Vice President

Rod Griffin - Secretary

Ian Cuthbertson - Treasurer

Kevin Turner - Assnt Treasurer

Gavin Connor - Equipment Coordinator

Committee Members

Will Fletcher Bob Mc Mahon Colette Gunn

Phill Mollineaux Ruth Clark Ron Thresher

Life Members

Desley Ruffin

Jim Bonnilly

Lindsay James

John Forsyth

Bob McMahon

Ann Atkinson (status unknown)

Bill Atkinson (deceased)

Janet Weller (deceased)